Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Heavyness pulls me down
The gravity an unwilling opponant
with it I fall to the blackened ground
where the purples and pinks compound

With hat upon my head I try to look around
to see where I've been
and when I will be found

I see flowers of blue, pink and purple
colors that when gazed upon astound
I'm getting comfortable in this weighted black coat
And intend to rest right here on this orange ground.


Tiffany Robinson said...

I loved the imagery in your poem! Even if I had not seen the picture I could see the flowers and colors so clearly! The words flowed nicely too! Good job!

Tina said...

Really good job with imagery here. I see a person exhausted and collapsong in a field of flowers. I also like the second stanza "where I've ben and when I will be found" It feels like this person doesn't want to be found and just wants to breathe.