Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trapped in a dream

Time passing slowly,
as I head toward that castle in the sky,
no, not heaven, but a home
belonging to no one, only there to remind me this is a dream

It is down below where Mother Nature lies
holding on to the land as though it were her child
she looks at me with tears of sorrow and though I cannot hear her cries
I know she fears this land will die

As feelings of anger and sadness are
bursting from my soul
I want to help and yet do not know how

It is then the rain begins to pour and
the land begins to quake, then with smile
As though to say “do not worry it will soon be over”

I feel my foundation start to shake,
through the earth’s mouth is my depart

and just before I hit the bottom,
I have awaken
to see my wonderful orange teddy bear’s smile
I am no longer trapped in a dream

1 comment:

JWinn said...

I like the poem's topic and the line about "it will soon be over". I like it because you don't know if it means the land will soon die or simply the quake will soon be over. The line breaks add a nice touch to this because it creates an added suspense to each line. The line "I feel my foundation start to shake..." gives a powerful visual, I really like it!