Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why did I leave

You left my heart exposed to the damage you have done
Your eye’s cold as you stare into mine
The skies turn dark and red

Im left hurting the next one to be
I search for my soul you have expunged
The thunder loud in my chest as I sit and try to cry
Trying to feel something, anything to make sure my heart still stands
But I feel nothing, how can that be when my inside’s are on the rise

Nothing is as it seems
I see you different with the next
All too clear, your true self exposed
Like a scene in a play you portray so well

You underestimate me
I too can play cat and mouse
I’ll be the black cat
Can’t you see the revenge growing in my hazel eyes

1 comment:

Tina said...

I really like the imagery here; my heart exposed, search for my soul, trying to feel something. There is a vulnerableness here at the beginning that twists into a powerful strength at the end. Good job.