Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In this raucous sphere I
find no boundary.
Where I end and we begin is a mystery to

It is only in letting go that arbitary
definition of you, me, us,
that the the essence of human being (not human Doing)
is delineated, set apart from

This world where what we are is
What we can name, label.
Free here of any feature which is
familiar, comforting, I am fearless, unbound.

Join me in this cacophonous vision:
Remove the 3-D glasses of 21st century
technicolor widescreen reality.
Let me see the whirling atoms inside

Your ill-conceived matter that
We may know without speech or text
The other. Long denied, now released to breathe the
Fresh light of day


campbelk said...

I really liked this... It left me wanting more. What I got from the poem was a sense of frustration in the beginning and a freedom at the end. I also interpreted it as a private relationship of some sort that their is freedom from within, but is tortured by the labels placed upon it. I could also hear in a sense desperation for intimacy. Not sure if this is what you were going for, but I really liked it. The structure only strengthened your poem. Really good job with this Tony. You definitely have a gift with words

Paul said...

I enjoy your poems! I think it is the reality your words convey, to me anyway. The realness of life is sometimes lost to us I think and what is important is usually masked with man made pleasures. I especially connected with the thought that letting go of your fear and embracing death is the only way to find the real truth of what surrounds us. Great job!