Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Desert Oasis

Weeping crimson veins caress
my outer being
seeping into the cracks
I become hollow

my soul, once an oasis
now a desert
seek shelter, for nothing
can survive

reap the entangled
web of deceit
expose my barren despair
creeping along the bedrock

encompassed in a black fog
I become hollow.


campbelk said...

I definitly like your poem. You did a great job with the actual structure of the poem. How you chose to arrange the words really pulled it all together. It definitley kept me focused on what was to come next. Good job

Catherine said...

I liked the simplicity of your writing because at the same time there is a lot of imagery.I also think because you used the embanked lines it gives a movement to the poem of falling into hollowness. Nice job!