Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rot (or Wrought)

Bowing over flowers like bad news,

an empty coat prays for spring by

brushing against a blue, cashmere cardigan.

Passion-soaked walls listen for twilight to settle

like dust on a bonnet, eagerly waiting for the passage of time.

Death lives here and invites Sadness to step inside

with its bloody teeth.

Sensation is foreign after being numb so long

the deafening silence is a shrieking tea kettle

folding in on itself.

Numbness is a comforting quicksand gagging on velvet.

Shame is a battery-operated timer with

the perpetual motion of an unsteady gyroscope

drowning in emptiness like bubble wrap pushing in.

The atheist, in love with futility, meditates

over sweet bile-smelling incense.

Acidic soil makes hydrangeas blue

like the cloying promise of a fad diet.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mourning Coat

Black in mourning
Your coat thrown
Over the freshly

Vibrant, beautiful.
Your mood covers mine
Like the coat you threw
Over the the recently

Screaming at you.
Get over yourself and
Throwing your
Mourning coat
Over my newly

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Who would wear a black coat to a courting?
To express their true nature, while under
the guise of flowers? The colors so
beautiful to augment the drab reality of
their bitter demeanor.

Isn't this coat and hat so sporting?
How could she resist my charms and
my gloating? The blues and reds of the
bouqet this day are the sky and my heart
which is where it is floating!

I brought you these flowers to ease
the pain. The passing of a loved one can
leave you insane. A black dress would suit
this sad occasion. I wonder if this bus goes
to Union station?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Heavyness pulls me down
The gravity an unwilling opponant
with it I fall to the blackened ground
where the purples and pinks compound

With hat upon my head I try to look around
to see where I've been
and when I will be found

I see flowers of blue, pink and purple
colors that when gazed upon astound
I'm getting comfortable in this weighted black coat
And intend to rest right here on this orange ground.

Purple N Pink

Black hats hung up for the last time
Our group coming to an end
For I am the last to remain
Laid to rest with purple and blue flowers
All in black, they watch
My heart beats faintly as life is reminisced
The good and bad times enticed us throughout
Satisfied and completed
It’s time to end
I hang up my black hat
For it is time to lay me down with pink and navy flowers


White face black hands,Tick.
Tock. Spinning, swirling, down,
ground, hot, burning, flames,Tock.
No, fly, higher, sky, white, peace,
please, fight, struggle, need, farther,Tick.
Going, going. Tock. Breath, deep, dig, in, must. Tick.
Almost, bright, light, see, soon, battle won,Tock.
Dark, fade, loom, no more,amens made, soul,yours, never.
Mine, survive, today,tommorrow, give in, again,never.
Tick, tock.
What the hell is that noise?
Babe, hit the snooze, just one more time.
Man, I had this aweful dream...
I'll tell you about it later, if Iremember.
...There was a clock... I was fighting... flying...


pink carnations
a wave of scent
swirling down
playing with toys in the hot sun
splish splash
rain on water
warm rays toasting
shiny silver plastic
flame licked handle
cool Michigan ice
fuzzy terry cloth of pink, orange, and white
four white cinder block walls
ringing black
jingling bronze coins
Consent is Sexy
shiny round silver sticker

Just for Thrills

Nothing like having a black mind.
Coldness and darkness are intertwined
and the absence stimulates the active soul.
All aspects that appear to bind you
end up being the source of your weakness.
Free from arrogant laws and hypocrisy
is where I find my immense strength.
I would gladly kill for just the thrill
of hearing your scream.
In my hostile bed I lay and dream
of moments that reflect mortal beings.
My massacre garments lay for me waiting
to dress myself and act as I have been stating.
You think you are safe behind this worlds doors, but
through the crack comes the real horrors.
I will reach your soul as it had never been,
with cold steel to your red heart is how I will win.

The Raven

The raven black as night,
Squawks his promise of nevermore.
A love burning bright,
Flowers for his great Lenore.

The black graveyard born to life,
Ghosts of days past take flight.
Memories cut the heart like a knife,
Lenore bleeds in the dull moonlight.

The raven cloaked in coat and hat,
Brings flowers to the graveyard door.
Then upon the tombstone sat,
The black bird carved above “Lenore.”

Stormy Night

Black rain on a stormy night
falls from the moonlit sky
thunder rumbles from
the pit of his stomach as
lightning passes by.

Overhead, neon signs glisten
red, orange, and pink
enticing him to listen to
the footsteps following him in sinc.

Be it man or woman
he does not care
follow me in
if you dare

With a shake of his coat
rain falls to the floor
as he takes a seat
close to the door

Throw some eggs in that
black iron skillet
coffee with cream to the rim
you can fill it.


A blue black hand and a hole in the wall

But I’ve got my cigarettes.

Tucked behind

My ear a parcel of death waiting

For us to join in on the fun.

Your face is the reflection

I hate the most.

Contemplating, waiting

To be fucked

By things unseen. I need a new pack.

Glass shatters with the slam of a door

A toast

To the nature of the beast.

I’m leaving

You behind now

But I’ve got my cigarettes.

Pride, Death, and Guilt

She lies there amongst
the wet
dirt and yellow grass

Beneath the willow tree
the branches dance.
No music to hear,
only rhythm of the
breeze from the
flapping of their wings.

On bended knee he kneals
"NO MORE", he yells.
Day to day I dread
the falling of their heads.
Trench upon trench their
bodies stacked, like
flapjacks, endless till
ones content.

Here, I Brought You Some Flowers... And Now I'm Leaving.

I'm watching the red sun go down
this is my last goodbye.
there will be no tomorrow for me
I won't make it through the night
Say goodbye to all my friends
and tell my mother not to cry
Sadness won't change anything
so wipe those tears from your eyes
I'm sorry that I hurt you
when I left our happy home
I promised you that I would return
but who could have known?
No one bothered to tell me
that it was my time to go
Most of all I'm sorry for
leaving you all alone.
I have watched my last sun down
and I've said my last good bye.
I shall never know tomorrow
for I won't make it through tonight.
I can hear them in the distance
heavy and black are the sounds of my demise
it shouldn't be too much longer now,
so I'll think of you one last time.

From the Oven's Point of View

Hat and jacket black as sin
stretch and yearn for the soft lilacs
O this is where the end must begin.
His whispers delight you
more after the gin
and tonic was his gentle touch.
Lather me up as if I were kin
while you wipe carrot stew
from the baby's chin.
Her body resembling
that of a pin
sterling, so sleek and slender
A prize I never shall win.

Darkness your soul reflects
black on the tin.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Bent over with a hunched back
With arms open, she accepts
his tenderness and love, overlooking the setbacks,

caused by rage and fury of heart,
oh how he felt sorrow upon his soul
realizing he cannot live apart

his love, beautiful as a soft purple flower,
she stands, smiles, and accepts his apology
waiting for this sweet hour

At last we reunite, love is in the air
Removing the heaviness of the black coat
from my soul, for we have become an everlasting pair

Until the end of times, no more will we depart,
we are now connected like the bones on our spine
I can truly say you are my sweetheart