Thursday, June 18, 2009


Who would wear a black coat to a courting?
To express their true nature, while under
the guise of flowers? The colors so
beautiful to augment the drab reality of
their bitter demeanor.

Isn't this coat and hat so sporting?
How could she resist my charms and
my gloating? The blues and reds of the
bouqet this day are the sky and my heart
which is where it is floating!

I brought you these flowers to ease
the pain. The passing of a loved one can
leave you insane. A black dress would suit
this sad occasion. I wonder if this bus goes
to Union station?


Mina Eskander said...

Hey Paul, very nice poem. I liked its simplicity and you did a very nice job rhyming the lines. I also noticed it was in question form which i thought was different from the others I've read. I thought you had nice imagery here such as, "The blues and reds of the bouquet this day are the sky and my heart which is where it is floating!" I liked this line, I thought it was very clever. good work, keep it up.

drew said...


Great poem. I really thought you did well with the rhyming and the lack of sense on the poem. I felt like I was physically doing circles trying to follow each new direction this poem took. Good job of using the items in the painting in your poem, and I loved the last line! Good work, man.