Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No one will know

Blue and black is my head,
no I did not use the color red.
Don’t throw that purple lilac down,
the most gorgeous flower can be found.
Why can’t they just let her be,
all she yearns for is to be free.
Mistakes were made and now she is bound,
to a place of Hell not underground.
A place of hell right here on earth,
no one will know of his birth.
The undersized boy turns to smile,
as his pale face is slammed into a pile.


Samantha Thornton said...

Tiffany, great job with your poem. I can really see how you tried to abandon logic in your first two lines. I think that has to be the hardest thing to do. How can one abadon logic and still make sense? But you totally pulled it off. The rhyming of the poem really made it flow for me. I think your line breaks worked great as well. Finally, I'm very impressed with the imagery. I'm still trying to figure out just what this poem is about. I'm not that good at determining meaning when it's not black and white. At first I thought rape, then I thought unwanted pregnancy. I'm still not sure, but I really do like your poem.

Becky H said...

I agree with Samantha, you did good with abandoning logic in the begining.
Even though its a sad story, it made me laugh because I noticed you were ryming and I personally love that in poems. I also like your use of puncuations.

Great Job Tiffany :)