Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Bent over with a hunched back
With arms open, she accepts
his tenderness and love, overlooking the setbacks,

caused by rage and fury of heart,
oh how he felt sorrow upon his soul
realizing he cannot live apart

his love, beautiful as a soft purple flower,
she stands, smiles, and accepts his apology
waiting for this sweet hour

At last we reunite, love is in the air
Removing the heaviness of the black coat
from my soul, for we have become an everlasting pair

Until the end of times, no more will we depart,
we are now connected like the bones on our spine
I can truly say you are my sweetheart

1 comment:

Edwin Garcia said...

Good work hermano, you did an excellent job using repetition in sound, in sentences like “is in the air” and “everlasting pair “, also good job using related images at the beginning and at the end.