Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Come to Me

Come to me,
Travelers from far and wide.
Here I have been for an eternity.

Come to me,
My patience is wearing.
See the ivy around me growing
The weight greater and
See how time has cast
This bitter spell on me.

Thick impatient green
Holds me back from you,
Thou who have put me here like
Rapunzel in her high tower.

See that bluebird fly
So far away?
Free me from thy prison and
Make my soul sing that
Peach coloured song.


Becky H said...

I like the image I got from reading your poem. I imagined a castle with repunzel in it over looking a meadow..not sure why the meadow..that must have been the "Ivy" and the "green". anyway I liked how you didn't use the typical prince on a horse rescue, you left it open for us to wonder how and if she gets rescued.
Good Job :)

Tony Lamb said...


I like the feeling of hope you have managed to convey with this piece without losing the sense of longing. Perhaps you should use more of the colors available to increase that sense of hope as you work with this poem. You have done a wonderful job of drawing me in with this and I sense you have more to say.