Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Mother's Purpose

Nature's Mother, breath of life
upon His shoulders Rejoice!

Tucked away for safe keeping,
growing and changing.
Hidden inside till the day He arrives, for the
day draws near His star will appear
as a beacon of light for the wise to see

The narrow path with great challenge
Paved with good intentions
Glory be Your name the seed is sown.

With Grace and Might a Deliverer
and Teacher is born.


drew said...

I really came to appreciate this poem from a prental standpoint. It was also interesting to see where you broke your lines, and how it differed from what I would have done. The only disappointment for me came from the small hope of a running theme of Meatloaf references in your poems! I'm just kidding, great poem.

Tiffany Robinson said...

I really enjoyed this poem! I like the way all your words seem to flow just right! i like the religous words like the line "glory be your name the seed in sown". good job!